Mukuru Groceries Terms & Conditions


    1.1. Mukuru Africa (Proprietary) Limited (“Mukuru”) has introduced a new way to enable Mukuru
    Customers such as yourself to support your family and friends – the Mukuru Grocery remittance
    Product otherwise known as Mukuru Groceries – which will enable you to supply your family and
    friends with groceries distributed by our business partners in other countries.
    1.2. These Terms of Use govern your use of Mukuru Groceries.
    1.3. Please note that the Terms of Use of the Mukuru Service (including those relating to KYC and FICA,
    the Single Discretionary Allowance, reporting to SARB and the disclosure and collection of personal
    information, amongst others) are applicable to Mukuru Groceries and are incorporated by reference
    into these Terms of Use. Please follow this link (insert link) to review the Terms of Use of the
    Mukuru Service.
    2.1. Order Creation
    2.1.1. Once you are registered as a Mukuru Customer, you place an order for a remittance
    transaction using one of the many methods available to you (including WhatsApp and USSD)
    and choose for the remittance to be disbursed to your recipient as groceries.

2.2. Remittance Transaction Processing and Delivery Schedule
2.2.1. After Mukuru Africa has verified your identity, completed a screening for proper compliance
with the various applicable laws and regulations, and received payment of the amount of the
remittance (which in the case of Mukuru Groceries, is inclusive of the Mukuru service fee)
from you, the groceries will be made available for collection by your designated recipient from
a designated Pay-Out Partner.
2.2.2. When your designated recipient arrives at the Pay-Out Partner, he or she will redeem his or
her Mukuru voucher and be handed the list of groceries assembled by the Pay-Out Partner.
2.2.3. Mukuru Africa will attempt to process all remittance transactions promptly but any remittance
transaction may be delayed or cancelled for a number of reasons, including, without limitation,
its efforts to verify your identity, compliance with applicable law or variations in business hours
and currency availability.
2.2.4. Mukuru Africa may, in its sole discretion, refuse to process remittance transactions from
certain senders or to certain recipients including, without limitation, individuals on restricted or
prohibited lists.
2.2.5. Mukuru Africa cannot be held responsible for any delay in the receipt of the remittance by the
recipient – for example, if the Pay-Out Partner has insufficient quantities of the groceries for
distribution to your recipient and your recipient has to return to collect the groceries at a later

2.3. Composition of list of Mukuru Groceries
2.3.1. The list of groceries which will be received by your nominated recipient will be as advertised
from time to time. However, all groceries advertised are subject to availability and, in the
event an advertised item is unavailable, it will be replaced with a similar product of equal
2.3.2. If any grocery item is defective, the defect must be reported to the Pay-Out Partner and an
exchange requested.
2.3.3. Grocery items may only be returned if: the item is returned in its original packaging; and the item has not been used/consumed in whole or in part; and if no food safety and/or hygiene regulations have been compromised.

2.4. Remittance Transaction Cancellations and Refunds
2.4.1. If you instruct Mukuru Africa to process a remittance transaction and then subsequently
request that the remittance transaction be stopped or reversed, Mukuru Africa will first need to
confirm whether the Pay-Out Partner has disbursed the remittance to the recipient before the
transaction can be stopped or reversed. If Mukuru Africa can confirm that the remittance has not been disbursed to the
recipient, the remittance transaction will be cancelled and Mukuru Africa will refund
the value of the remittance to you. Your refund will be in ZAR. For further
information, please contact the customer service department at +27 86 001 8555 or
email [email protected]. If the remittance has already been disbursed to the recipient, the remittance
transaction cannot be cancelled and no refund will be made.

2.5. Restrictions for remittance transactions
2.5.1. Mukuru Africa reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to: reject a proposed remittance transaction; limit the amount of a remittance transaction; require additional information to complete a remittance transaction; and/or take reasonable measures with respect to a remittance transaction in an effort to
comply with applicable laws and regulations.

2.5.2. In the event that your designated recipient is unable to collect the remittance because
incorrect information was provided for the recipient when the remittance transaction was
created, you are obliged to contact Mukuru Africa to correct any errors in the information
provided. If the recipient contacts Mukuru Africa directly, he or she will be advised to contact
you in order to resolve the matter.

    3.1. Declaration
    3.1.1. By initiating a remittance transaction for Mukuru Groceries, you declare that: you have read these Terms of Use and you know, understand and agree with the
    contents thereof; all information furnished by you to Mukuru Africa whether directly or indirectly is true
    and correct in all respects; you have been informed of any limits which may be applicable to the confirmed
    remittance transaction and you confirm that any such limit, if applicable, will not be
    exceeded as a result of the conclusion of such remittance transaction; and you consent to the above information being provided to the South African Revenue
    Service and/or the FIC.

3.1.2. By accepting these Terms of Use, you authorise Mukuru Africa to make any inquiries
considered necessary to validate the information that you have provided.

3.2. Changes to Terms of Use
3.2.1. Mukuru Africa may revise and update these Terms of Use from time to time in its sole

discretion by posting a revised version on the website.
3.2.2. Except as otherwise required by law, the revised version will be effective at the time of posting
to the website.
3.2.3. You are expected to check the Mukuru website from time to time to take notice of any
changes Mukuru Africa has made as they are binding on you.
3.2.4. You may terminate your use of the Mukuru Service if you do not agree with any changes made
to these Terms of Use.
3.2.5. Your continued use of the Mukuru Service following the posting of revised Terms of Use
means that you accept and agree to the changes.

3.3. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
3.3.1. These Terms of Use will be governed by South African Law and Mukuru Africa and you will
submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant Magistrate’s Court.

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