How to Send Money to Zimbabwe

How to Send Money to Zimbabwe

Send Money to Zimbabwe or Malawi: Benefit from Our Extensive Payout Network in Africa

Do you live in the UK and miss your family back home in Zimbabwe or Malawi? Want to let them know that you care? Want to send money home to help them pay for living expenses or perhaps just as a caring gesture? Then you will appreciate how easy it is to transfer funds to your loved ones in countries such as Zimbabwe and Malawi from the UK without having to go to a bank to do so.

We understand that your family members may need funds urgently to pay for school fees, hospital bills or groceries. They also need the easiest and quickest way to collect it. To this end, we have developed an extensive network of collection points and have streamlined processes for a quick transfer process.

Send Money to Zim using Mukuru

As an online remittance company, we make it possible for customers to send money to their loved ones in selected African countries in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way. Indeed, the red tape associated with sending money to Zimbabwe or Malawi is eliminated, enabling transfers almost instantly.

We also offer add-on financial services such as guaranteed payouts in US dollars at 100+ Mukuru Orange Booths in Zimbabwe. With as many as 200 collection points in Zimbabwe, your family members can collect the money at the point nearest to them. This is also true for receivers in Malawi where we have over 9000 collection points.

The fact that your loved ones don’t have to travel to one of the main centres to make the collection implies time and travel savings. True to our commitment to provide a safer and more secure, but affordable means to move money to African countries, we take advantage of the latest technologies to make transferring funds a seamless process.

Professional and friendly service

Remittance is not just about moving funds from the UK to Zimbabwe or Malawi. In many instances, it is an act of love and in others, it is an urgent matter. Having to deal with delays and hefty costs just to take care of the ones you love is unacceptable. Fortunately, we understand and care. So, when you make use of our services you can expect fast and efficient service to get the funds to your family.


Nothing can be more frustrating than having to deal with non-communication. Your loved ones don’t have to wonder when, where or how they will receive the transferred funds. We keep the sender and receiver up to date regarding the progress of the transfer, right up to the point where it is collected. The guesswork is thus taken out of the picture. Your loved ones don’t have to call or message you to find out when they will get the funds.

Secure and safe transacting

Of course, you also want to have the assurance of security. As a trusted remittance company with a proven track record of satisfied clients, we make sure that every transaction is secure. You can rest assured that your money and information are safe.

Effective communication is made possible because we help you in your language. This does away with the frustration of miscommunication because of language barriers.

Reasons to use Mukuru to send money to Zimbabwe:

  • Guaranteed US dollars payouts in Zimbabwe at the 100+ Mukuru Orange Booths.
  • Once registered, verified and payment made for the service, instant transfer of the funds can take place.
  • Personal help is available.
  • Progress updates on the transfer of money.
  • Straightforward process of registering, verification, recipient and delivery selection, payment, transfer, and collection.
  • No transfer fee on the first send, after which the transfer fee starts at only £1.55.
  • We are open during the Covid-19 lockdown.

If you want to send money from the UK to Malawi, you will benefit from the fast and efficient process:

  • Extensive payout network.
  • No need to pay a transfer fee on the first send.
  • Our fees have been reduced by 50%, making it even more affordable to send money.
  • We are open during the Covid-19 lockdown in Malawi too.

Register online today to get money from the UK to your family in Zimbabwe or Malawi.

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