Send Money Instantly

Send Money Instantly

How to Send Money Instantly from the UK to Countries in Africa

Do you live or work in the UK and need to get funds to your family back home in Africa? Then you will appreciate Mukuru’s extensive reach on the continent. As a leading online remittance company, we make it our business to help you send money instantly and hassle-free to countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and many others.

Main Corridors

Our reach extends to 15 countries in Africa, and we constantly work to expand our service network in these and more African countries. The main corridors include, but are not limited to:

  • Botswana
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Eswatini
  • Lesotho
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

Avoid having to deal with the middleman and exuberant commissions. In so doing, you also avoid fraud and theft risks. Our reach and accessibility make it exceptionally easy to send money instantly at a minimum cost to you.

A closer look at the top three UK-to-Africa corridors serves to show how easy it is to send money instantly to your family in Africa.


Our reach in Zimbabwe is impressive with USD cash collection guaranteed at over 130 Mukuru Orange Booths of which many are located in rural areas. As such, your loved ones will not have to travel far to collect cash, which is a huge benefit in a country with only a few large commercial centres. We offer transfer fees from as little as £1.55, making it exceptionally affordable to send money instantly to friends and family in Zimbabwe.


We have an extensive payout network in the country with over 9 000 collection points. Our fees have been cut with 50% to make it as affordable as possible to get funds to family members in Malawi. Indeed, you don’t pay a transfer fee the first time you send money to the country. You canget cash to your family in Malawi instantly without incurring hefty transfer costs. It can be done for as little as ₤1.99.

South Africa

With South Africa also amongst our top transfer corridors, you can send money instantly from the UK to relatives in South Africa for as little as £1.99. We also offer the option of sending money to the recipient’s Mukuru Money Card (only available in SA).


Do you want a safe way to send cash to your relatives in Nigeria? We provide a safe and convenient alternative to the high-risk middleman operations for fund transfers in Nigeria. Payouts can be made to any bank account or Paga Wallet.

Hassle-Free Collections

As you can see from the options available for the four mentioned countries, collection is hassle-free. The receiver only needs their photo ID and the reference number to receive their cash at the relevant collection point.

Options such as the creation of online orders or transfers through our contact centres add to the convenience of using our services. We also offer live website and Facebook chat services. What’s more? We speak your language.

Experience the benefits of using a remittance company with an extensive reach:

  • Affordable transfer fees.
  • Guaranteed USD payouts at over 130 Orange Booths in Zimbabwe.
  • Paga Wallet and bank account payout options for transfers to Nigeria.
  • Send money to the recipient’s Mukuru Card in South Africa.
  • Thousands of collection points, also in rural areas.
  • Send money instantly to African countries when the exchange rate is the most favourable.
  • Easy registration process.
  • Secure method for getting funds to relatives without having to work through high-risk middlemen.
  • Zero transfer fees for the first time that you transfer cash.
  • You don’t need a bank account and neither do your loved ones.
  • Service is available 24/7.

Although we have briefly introduced our services in the top four corridors in our network, we also have an extensive network in other countries. We, for instance, have 500 plus collection points in Zambia.

Our firm has a proven track record as a reliable international remittance company that offers affordable transfer fees, exceptionally fast services, and many options to get funds from the UK to African countries. Our friendly consultants are here to answer your questions.

Get Started

View our demonstration video to help you understand how the process works and just how affordable it is to send money instantly from the UK to any of the 15 countries within our African transfer network. Register today to get cash to your people back home.

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