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Mukuru Money Transfer Service Short


By accepting and/or submitting these terms and conditions (T&Cs):

  1. I confirm that I want to be a user of the international money transfer service that Mukuru Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Mukuru”) owns and operates in South Africa.
  2. I accept that I am entering into a contract with Mukuru to use the money transfer service.
  3. I accept that these T&Cs and the terms found at www.mukuru.com apply to my contract with Mukuru and I confirm that I have read them and understand them. 
  4. I declare that I am 18 years old or older; I live in South Africa; and I am acting for myself and not on anyone else’s behalf.
  5. I understand that I need to give Mukuru my personal information so my identity can be checked and for Mukuru to comply with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, No. 38 of 2001. I declare that all the personal information I give to Mukuru is true and correct.
  6. I confirm that Mukuru must act on all instructions it receives from me by text message, USSD, WhatsApp, email, Facebook, or other form of social or electronic media.
  7. I agree that a representative/agent of Mukuru can sign the ‘balance of payments integrated form’ on my behalf.
  8. Mukuru can pause or end our contract if it suspects that I am part of, about to be part of, or that I am linked to any fraud in connection with any money transfer or similar activity.
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