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PAIA Manuals

On 9 March 2001, the Promotion of Access to Information Act, No. 2of 2000 (“the Act”) became operative, giving effect to the section 32(2) Constitutional right of access to information.

One of the main requirements specified in the Act is the compilation of an information manual that provides information on both the types and categories of records held by a private body. The Act also gives persons the right of access to information that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.  

The below documents serve as the information manual of CARB HOLDINGS (PROPRIETARY) LIMITED (“CARB”) which is the holding company of Mukuru Africa (Proprietary) Limited (“Mukuru Africa”), Mukuru Financial Services (Proprietary) Limited (“Mukuru Financial Services”) and Mukuru Shared Services (Proprietary) Limited (“Mukuru Shared Services”).  As such, the scope of this manual provides a reference to the records held by and the process which must be followed to request access to such records from CARB, Mukuru Africa, Mukuru Financial Services and Mukuru Shared Services.

MUKURU AFRICA is the holder of an ADLA (Category II) license and owns and operates the Mukuru Money Transfer Service in South Africa.  

MUKURU FINANCIAL SERVICES is an approved Financial Services Provider (FSP), registered under FSP license number 45517 and owns and operates the Mukuru Value Added Services (which include the Mukuru Card and Mukuru Funeral Cover) in South Africa.  

MUKURU SHARED SERVICES operates a shared services business in South Africa providing shared services to all companies within the Mukuru Group.

If you are unsure which entity holds the information or records you require, you can contact Mukuru for assistance.

PAIA Manuals

*This Form 2 replaces the form given in the PAIA Manual – English on this site.  Please use this Form 2 when making a request for Access to Record.

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