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Mukuru Funeral Cover Terms and Conditions

  1. Welcome to Mukuru Insurance! 
    1. Mukuru Financial Services Multiple Agent (Private) Limited, Reg. No. 16833/2023 (“Mukuru”) is a licensed Multiple Agent under section 19 of the Insurance Regulations, Statutory Instrument 49 of 1989 (as amended) with license number: 5000004900. Our offices are situated at: Tandeseka Office Park, Block 2, 2nd Floor, Samora Machal Avenue, Harare.
    2. Mukuru is an agent of the following insurance companies and distributes insurance products on their behalf.

      (i) Zimnat Life Assurance Company Limited

    3. Importantly, when you sign up for an insurance policy distributed by Mukuru you agree to these Terms and Conditions and enter into an agreement with the relevant insurance company who underwrites the product. 
    4. These Terms and Conditions are a contract so take the time to read and understand these Terms.
  2. Here are some important things to know:
    1. The insurance company’s policy documents and terms and conditions (“Your Documents”) of the product you sign up to will be sent to you either by email or a download link. You can also request a copy of Your Documents by contacting the insurance company directly (see 2.7 below). It is important that you read the terms and conditions of each insurance policy you take out as they contain important information such as your cooling-off rights, benefits, waiting periods and exclusions. 
    2. You need to be at least 18 years old to take out insurance through Mukuru.
    3. Our Privacy Notice tells you how we will use your personal information. Our Privacy Notice can be found here: https://www.mukuru.com/zw/legal/privacy-notice/  
    4. KYC Information is the personal information and documents that a person shares with us so that we can verify their identity and comply with our own KYC policies and the law. When you sign up, you may be required to provide us with certain KYC Information. You promise that all the personal information you give us is true and correct and you give us permission to verify your KYC Information. If your KYC Information changes after you have signed up, you must give us your updated information as soon as possible.
    5. Disclosure of Mukuru interest: Mukuru earns commission from the insurance companies (listed in 1.2 ) because of the distribution and other services provided to them by Mukuru.
    6. Queries and complaints 
      1. If you have a complaint around the service you received from Mukuru,  you can call our Contact Centre at +263 867 700 9604 (between 08h00 and 19h00), and we will be happy to help.
      2. If you have a question about the insurance product, how to claim or want to lodge a complaint with the insurance company around their services, you can call them using the contact details set out in 2.7 below.
    7. Insurance company contract details
InsurerProductsContact Details
Zimnat Life Assurance Company Limited(i) Individual Funeral Cover
(ii) Family Funeral Cover
Email: [email protected]
Phone: toll free 321
WhatsApp: +263777197277
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