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Mukuru Wallet

Send. Store. Spend

Send and receive money locally and internationally from your phone using the Mukuru Wallet!

The Mukuru Wallet Has Two Pockets Which Allow You To

Send and receive money locally and internationally

Keep your money safe! Store it in your wallet

Free Cash out on international money received

New Mukuru Customers

As a new customers you will need to be signed up as a Mukuru customer first before you can get a Mukuru Wallet

  • Visit a Mukuru Booth or branch to sign up to Mukuru via our friendly agents. 
  • You will need to bring a valid ID/Passport or  drivers licence.

Mukuru Wallet Fees 

Wallet Fees (USD)

Monthly feeFree
PIN ResetFree
Balance CheckFree
Get StatementFree
Cash In 
Mukuru Booths & BranchesFree
Send Money Internationally 
Over 20 CountriesVariable
Send to a Mukuru Account 
1.00 – 4.991.30%
5.00 – 500.00 3.30%
Send Cash Voucher 
1.00 – 4.993.00%
5.00 – 500.00 5.00%
Cash Out: Transactional Pocket 
1.00 – 500.001.70%
Cash Out: Mahala Pocket 
1.00 – 500.00Free

See Terms and Conditions

Mukuru Wallet Limits:

$ 500Maximum single transaction amount
$ 2000Maximum monthly transaction limit

The new Mukuru Wallet is unlike any other wallet, it has two pockets to safely manage your money.

Transactional Pocket

  • Cashin at Mukuru locations
  • Cash out for 1.7% charge
  • Send and receive money locally.
  • Send money internationally

Mahala Cash Out Pocket

  • Cash out for FREE
  • Receive International money.
  • Send money locally and internationally
  • Transfer money to transactional pocket

Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation do I need to sign up for a Mukuru Wallet​?

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A customer will need to provide a valid ID/Passport in order so sign up for the Mukuru Wallet.

Will I be charged a sign-up fee?

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How does a customer sign-up for the Mukuru Wallet?​

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What can I do with a Mukuru Wallet?​

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Can a customer move funds from one pocket to another?​

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Do all monies into the wallet land into the same pocket?​

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